About Mary

I have loved jewellery for as long as I can remember. It fascinates me how the right piece can enhance how you look and feel, and can symbolise things that are important in your life. All this in a few tiny pieces of metal or stone. Just like any artwork, particular styles of jewellery attract me. I like pieces that are simple and have clean lines. I would choose something that has been made individually, by hand, over the most costly gems.I was six months shy of my 50th birthday and had decided to commission a piece of jewellery as a present to myself.

When I was discussing designs with my jeweller she mentioned that she gave lessons. Now that, I thought, would be a really good present. I would be able to make jewellery that perfectly suits my personal style. So I set out on the fascinating journey of learning how to forge metal and set gems. Five years on, I design and make hand forged silver jewellery under the brand name ContraryMary Designs.

My digital design work is largely self-taught.  I use Apophasis software to create original and unique fractal designs.  Hundreds of my fractal designs can be seen in my online gallery at deviantART.

My most recent development has been to use digital designs as a starting point for more traditional intaglio prints.

Location: Wakefield, west Yorkshire