Five Reasons to Love Handmade

  There’s something about handmade work that is very special to me, and I hought I’d take a few minutes to unpick why that is, and share it with you. 1. Handmade means made by hand! The US Federal Trade Commission says that this means that any tools or machinery used must be guided by the human hand. This means that nothing about the process has been automated. For me, one of the special things about handmade jewellery is that it starts with the simplest raw materials. I was completely naive about this when I first started. In fact, my first pieces were simple chain maille designs made with cheap, silver-plate jumprings that I bought in a hobby shop. The pieces looked lovely, for a few days, until the plate started to wear off. I soon started to feel dissatisfied with what I could do with these components and then a jewellery teacher appeared in my life. […]