ContraryMary Designs - Handcrafted Jewellery and Digital Art

Welcome to ContraryMary Designs
I produce a range of hand-forged jewellery in silver and other metals.  My designs are simple and elegant.  They are created to suit people of all ages and make special and affordable gifts or treats for yourself.
I draw inspiration from natural forms and from fractal images.  I use a range of metalsmithing techniques, working mainly in silver and gemstones.
You can find my jewellery at Created in Yorkshire, The Ridings Centre, Wakefield, West Yorkshire.
I create fractal images that make beautiful and striking prints.  These are available as limited edition hand-made intaglio prints as well as signed digital prints.
The customer pledges that I make to you are that:
I hold my customers in my heart and mind when I am creating jewellery or prints. I am not on a production line. I put a bit of love into every piece.
I keep my designs fresh and simple.
I use good, genuine materials.
I make as much of the items as I can myself - I do not rely on bought in components unless they are things that I genuinely can't fabricate myself.
If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me.
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